Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the UK: Your Top 5 Reasons

Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the UK: Your Top 5 Reasons

Thanks to major technological developments and evolving business structures over time, virtual assistants have become a popular choice among business owners, especially emerging ones. In recent years, virtual assistant work has become the solution to high operation costs, high overheads, and even unemployment. Particularly in the UK, many have resorted to hiring virtual assistants or have become virtual assistants themselves due to inflation and unstable business environments brought about by the Brexit.

Essentially, a virtual assistant is one that offers administrative services to a business remotely. Virtual assistants are independent contractors—they are not officially engaged by the company as employees, but they contribute their administrative skills and specialisations for the efficient and successful operation of the company’s business.

Depending on your business’ needs, you are sure to find virtual assistants who can handle different administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, writing and research, social media handling, accounting, customer service, and more. Some companies hire virtual assistants that handle multiple responsibilities at the same time, while some companies opt to have a dedicated virtual assistant for every administrative task.

If you are a business owner and are still thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, here are the top five reasons why you should consider engaging the services of a virtual assistant now –

Efficient business management

Having virtual assistants to handle your business’ administrative matters can free up your schedule for more important business-related concerns—those that you, as company owner, have to address yourself. To emphasise, the role of a virtual assistant is to provide support in the operation and management of the business, so that business owners would not have to consume their precious time in performing tasks that they can actually delegate. Thus, business owners get to focus on core business areas.

Reduced operation costs

Virtual assistants provide inexpensive services to any business or company. This is the reason why many businesses have transitioned from hiring full-time employees to engaging the services of virtual assistants or freelancers, who are able to produce the same quality of work as hired employees, but, again, for less costs on the part of the employer. Notably, while virtual assistants offer their services at a relatively low rate, their contribution to the company is just as vital and invaluable.

Aside from the cost of service, employers likewise get to save on operational expenses given the remote work set-up for the VA industry. This includes cutting costs on rent, electricity, equipment, allowances, among others.

Flexible work environment

Because virtual assistants are not required to physically report to work, they are more able to easily balance their other responsibilities, demands, and desires. Undeniably, remote work can have a positive impact on the worker’s wellness—he or she can accomplish work like anyone else but is able to manage his or her time for other matters, such as other VA work. Remote work benefits the business, too, as it transforms the culture of the company to keep up with evolving business trends and solutions.

Flexible hiring solutions

In connection with the earlier point, taking on virtual assistants allows for an adaptive hiring and HR system and procedure. For instance, depending on the business cycle of the company, virtual assistants are allowed to work part-time on certain periods and then move to a full-time engagement, or vice-versa. For the employer, this means getting to keep your people–those you have already trained and gained trust and confidence in–regardless of business needs and seasonability.

Minimised training difficulties

Especially if you recruit VAs from a reputable agency, you are guaranteed to hire one that is already well-equipped with the talent, skills, and proficiency your company needs. A good outsourcing agency would have already screened and trained virtual assistants before deployment, so businesses such as yours will not have to worry about and spend so much on training and development.

Convinced now but quite unsure where to find the best virtual assistant for your business needs? Let us help you.

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