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Who we are and where we are

We are a




We are


-based company

Our main office is located in the East Midlands, in Northampton. Our UK presence allows you and us to work together more efficiently, faster and hassle-free.

*depending on availability and your requirements.

If you're a sole proprietor seeking additional support without having to worry about cost. Alternatively, if your company is expanding and you are seeking for a long-term, affordable employment solution, you have come to the right place.


Our mission is to enhance your business, enabling you to accomplish more, achieve more, and earn more. We are committed to offering dedicated highly qualified professionals who can take care of all the humdrum, overwhelming, or tricky tasks that life throws at you and support your business growth without sacrificing your profitability.


At Scale Up Outsourcing, our vision is to be the leading provider of expert virtual business support services in UK. We are going to achieve this by supporting your plans and strategy, analysing and monitoring activities and outcomes and being your strategic partner on your business journey.

Our Digital Workforce

We operate across globe which enables us to provide our services at a reasonable cost while maintaining the highest standards and practices. Our staffs go through a thorough interview and screening process. We make sure that the outsourced digital workforce receive relevant support before and during the contract.

Why you should choose us




Hourly rate

Save 30-50% of the usual rate
Pays 3 times higher than the national minimum wage
Equivalent to or higher than the minimum wage set by the government.

On-boarding process

As soon as you need
Takes time to source out VA you needed
Follows the hiring process

Handling projects

A well-established method that uses qualified virtual assistants to produce results immediately.
Having less hours in a workweek, it takes longer to complete the tasks
Give new hires extra time as well as money for training.

System Support & Troubleshooting

Our team will assist you and your virtual assistant as needed to ensure that the work is completed to the best possible standard.
General training that isn't tailored to your company.
Based on your management standard.

Employee Productivity

Attain optimal production levels by utilizing time management tools, instruction, and feedback.
Less supervision is required.
Under manager or team supervision

Employee Competence

Less flexible, depends on subscription inclusions.
Limited expertise on Virtual works

Employee Attendance

If your virtual assistant is not available, we can take over.
Any random client can be handled by any random support.
Typically more expensive and even less practical.

Let’s summarise

With us you pay less than hiring someone locally you and your Virtual Assistant get support free of charge. You also have a certain level of flexibility to increase or decrease the contract (termination periods apply). You can even hire someone for 1 day, however, the cheapest price per hour is for long-term arrangements.

Financially if you employed someone for the national minimum wage (£10.42/hour) that accounts for a £23,900 annual cost to your business. With our service, it would cost you less than 29% a year. You can start planning what you will do with your saved cash.

Scale Up Outsourcing Offer
Scale Up Outsourcing Offer


If you need occasional help from a Virtual Assistant and you are watching every pound spent then this offer is for you.

The ideal virtual assistant solution for you and your business, ensured

How it works

Discover your perfect assistant: carefully matched based on your needs and preferences.

We understand the importance of finding an assistant that perfectly aligns with your requirements. That's why we have taken the time to meticulously match you with an assistant who possesses the ideal combination of experience, skills, and personality traits.

Rest assured, our rigorous selection process ensures that your assistant has already surpassed our high standards.

Get ready to experience seamless assistance as your virtual assistant is fully prepared to start supporting you right away.

Package Options

Your virtual assistant is going to integrate into your company with the same degree of enthusiasm and commitment as an internal team member. The only thing that sets them apart is that they work remotely for us, giving you the freedom to adjust their working hours to suit your needs as a business.

Temporary hires can support businesses during busy times by managing short-term projects, filling in for absent employees due to illness, vacation, or other temporary absences, and covering workforce gaps. Works for at least 20 hours in 2 weeks.

Quotes are provided after the consultation

Part-time hires can work for an organization on a reduced schedule compared to full-time employees. Service Rendered Hours are determined by a specified time frame.

Quotes are provided after the consultation

Full-time hires are considered to be the core workforce of an organization to work a standard or regular work schedule, typically around 40 hours per week

Quotes are provided after the consultation


What our clients say


A virtual assistant is a self-employed or remote employee who offers a range of services without requiring physical presence by leveraging technology, including email, the internet, and virtual collaboration tools.

You can select the service and duration of the contract following the initial call and consultation with our center manager or director.

You need a virtual assistant when the time you spend on administrative tasks starts to negatively impact your revenue.

Modern virtual assistants (VAs) can save the time you spend searching for and overseeing a new hire, improve the satisfaction of clients,  increase your productivity, and elevate your professional image..

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